Sensory Play to relieve stress

6 Sensory play ideas for kids and adults to ease stress

Are you also looking for ideas to playfully reduce stress or lower your current stress level?

We came across the following websites, which we want to share with you - as we think they can really help to calm down.

These sites have a huge pool of free Sensory Plays that can help to reduce stress. These can be used not only by kids but also by adults. It's just fun and it helps to distract and relax.

These so-called "skills" can help to handle stressful situations. You can calm down and even be a little mindful.

Some sites are online games or online tools with which you can immediately distract yourself and get other thoughts.

Other websites offer different DIY ideas to try at home.

In the following, we have listed our favorites.

If you are looking for more specific skills and little tools for your emotional emergency kit, you can find Borderline (BPD) Skills here and a comprehensive collection under the DBT Skills list here.

If you have acute problems and are looking for a counseling center or want to talk to someone anonymously, please look under Emergency Hotlines.

Sensory play skills for kids and adults to relieve stress

Make some noise

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Use myNoise soundtracks to relax at home, focus at work, or even sleep at night.

There is a great collection of noises and you can you can adjust and play around with the background noise machines.

Our favorite is "The Rain on your Tent".

Calm down flash games

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Ferry Halim makes little Flash games and created a great collection of free Flash games.

Our favorite is Drifting afternoon - Jump with the little orange kitten from bubble to bubble and listen to calm music while playing. You may need to download and install or accept Adobe Flash player before playing these little games.

For other Flash games please check out his website. Some of the games are also available as an app.

Draw something

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Draw beautiful flowing art with Silk on your desktop. It's free.

You can draw fascinating things with the mouse or finger.

The app for iPhone or iPad does cost a litte price.

Pixel your thoughts

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Write down your stressful thought and watch ;-)

A 60-second meditation tool to help clear your mind.

Hope you feel also a little less stressed!

Connect the dots

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Free, printable connect the dots pages are fun!

Childhood memories. Just awesome!

This is a great collection of connect the dots pages ;-)

Just Color

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Free, printable Zen and anti-stress Coloring pages for adults.

Great collection. Some are really difficult, but give you total relaxation.

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