DBT Skills Collection

Change the moment

Imagination Use your imagination and create positive experiences/feelings

- View (memory) photos
- "Safe place"
- illustrated books
- Memories of good memories
- Fantasy journeys
- View travel guide books
- Imagine the enemy in "pierced underpants"


Meaning Every fearful situation that you overcome will strengthen you!

- "Everything has a meaning, even if I don't see it right now."
- If I hadn't done that, then...
- In retrospect, it is easier to see a meaning; remember it and recall it at the next difficult situation (write it down in your diary)


Prayer, Meditation Open your heart to a higher being, greater wisdom or deity and ask for strength and confidence:

- http://www.pixelthoughts.co
- Be grateful
- Prayer
- Go to church and light a candle
- Rituals, developing mantra
- Sit on the floor, light a candle and try not to think about anything


Relaxation Relax through positive rituals or gifts to yourself:

- Take a "short vacation": take a quarter of an hour off and drink a tea thoughtfully.
- 10 minutes to solve a crossword puzzle
- Changing the moment
- Take a bath
- Listen to a short radio play
- Let a piece of cake or yoghurt melt on your tongue
- Calling a friend
- Footbath
- Go to a café
- Focus on the moment
- Lava lamp
- Read
- Massage
- Tense and relax muscles (e.g. according to Jacobsen)
- Take a rest
- Sauna
- Sleep
- Sport
- Take a vacation
- Hot water bottle


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