Quick ideas for Stress Relief

12 Quick and Simple DIY Stress Relief Skills

You want to relieve stress and are looking for ways to immediately lower your stress level or your tensions in an emotional crisis?

Everyone can learn certain techniques and use little tools - so called "skills” - to counteract stressful situations. These are simple aids or helpers that can assist you in lowering stress or even avoiding your tensions, overreactions, dissociations or even suicide and self-harming actions or thoughts.

Here you will find an overview of free DIY stress relief skills which help us very effectively in our everyday high-stress situations and thought process and circles.

Not every skill is suitable for every stress situation, the use of certain helpers depends on the inner stress. In order to help you in assessing which skill you can use for your particular level of tensions, we have added a stress level indicator in % to the overview. Note: The indicated stress level is based on our personal experience and is intended as a general indication only.

If you are looking for more specific skills and little tools for your emotional emergency kit, you can find Borderline (BPD) Skills here and a comprehensive collection under the DBT Skills list here.

If you have acute problems and are looking for a counseling center or want to talk to someone anonymously, please look under Emergency Hotlines.

Our tested DIY skills to relieve stress

Toe stand

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Stand with your feet shoulder-wide side by side and walk from the heel to the toes. Hold briefly and then lower again. Repeat this until you can hardly tense your calves anymore.

Stand on your toes and try to make small steps.

Loud screaming

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Scream as loud as you can into a pillow, for example.

Or, yell at the bedroom wall with the door closed.

Or, roar under water in the bathtub or in the swimming pool - really funny, nobody notices anything except that it is bubbling. :-)

Flick rubber bands

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Put an elastic band around your wrist and flick it vigorously when tensed. The pain impulse will release your pressure.

Jump rope

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Jump rope like you used to do in your childhood days.

The jump rope is also very suitable for doing sports and training the whole body. For ideas on workouts check out the

Youtube-Kanal Jump Rope Dudes (#DOTHETHING) (Link).

Press the emergency point

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Press powerfully several times on the emergency point in the middle of the palm of your hand.

Press with the thumb of one hand on the middle of your other hand for about 10 seconds. The other fingers support the back of your hand.

Change hands after about 10 seconds.

#6 Push-ups / sit-ups / burpees

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Do as many push-ups / sit-ups as you can until you cannot do them anymore.

Do burpees or star jumps.
Or, climbing stairs.

Ice cubes

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Press ice cubes, cool packs or a bag of frozen vegetables (wrapped in a towel) onto the skin/neck. This literally cools your thoughts.
Always use a towel or sock around the ice cubes or coolpacks to prevent the cold from resting too long directly on your skin.

Melt ice cubes in your mouth, or
Dip your hands in very cold water in the sink.

Work out

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Go jogging to run your mind off. Run as fast as possible for at least 5 minutes.

Or, do your favorite sports to ease your stress (e.g. walking, cycling, skating, swimming, dancing, horse riding, weight training, boxing..., etc.).

Take cold showers

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Take a cold shower for as long as possible.
Or, run cold water over your forearms.

Me personally helped a lot the Wim Hof Method (WHM). For further information check out their website.

Write diary

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Put down on paper what you are concerned about and write it down in a diary, story, lyrics, poem, etc.

Go for a walk

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Take a trip outside into the nature and go for a walk.

In winter: Walk barefoot through the snow

Make or listen to music

Stress-Level Indication (%)
Listen to loud music and try to sing along.

Or, make music, e.g. play guitar, piano, (transverse) flute, singing, drums etc.

Important Disclaimer:
This is an information website and is maintained and supported by affected persons, volunteers and helpers. Under no circumstances does the information replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. We do not offer medical, legal or psychological advice. Our compilations and information are based on our own experience, personal assessments and Internet research. The information & skills presented are intended to help you and support you in your everyday high-stress situations or dangerous situations. And, to encourage you - you are not alone!
The contents of stress-killers.com cannot and may not be used to make diagnoses or start treatments on your own.

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