DBT Skills Collection

Calm down with the help of your 5 senses ("Sensory Play"):


'Sensory Play (useful websites) - Calm down and at the same time do something mindfully and consciously:

- Online Flash games
- https://childhood101.com/sensory-play-ideas/
- https://www.learning4kids.net/list-of-sensory-play-ideas/
- https://www.pinterest.de/cmarashian/sensory-play-ideas/?lp=true
- Calming Lavender Soap Foam Sensory Play
- Draw something on your desktop
- Listen to the sound of rain
- Selection of useful sensory play websites


Seeing - at something mindful and consciously:

- Look at postcards
- photos with a beautiful memory
- View fishes in an aquarium
- Watch a recorded video with a beautiful memory
- Look at images with vibrant colors
- Look through an illustrated book
- Looking at flowers
- Fix your gaze and move your head back and forth
- Observe the pointer of a metronome
- Photography
- Going to a museum
- Go to a zoo
- Looking into a fire
- Paint or draw (on large format, with flowing ink on damp paper, thick wax crayon, emulsion paint, ...)
- Look up and move your eyes rhythmically to the left and right
- Snow globe
- View a washing machine in motion
- Drive to a view point and enjoy the landscape
- Take a train ride


Listen -  to something mindful and consciously:

- Audio file with recorded one-to-one conversation
- Put on the headphones and listen to encouraging, rhythmic music
- Listening to noises in the flat / house
- Thunderstorm
- Listen-Memory (fill 2 black film cans with something, e.g. sand, paper clips, gravel, water, corn, nails... then mix the cans and listen to which ones belong together or sort them by volume...)
- Listen to loud music (with headphones)
- Make loud, popping or whistling noises directly at your ear
- Live concert
- Meditation Music
- Music (favourite music, positive playlist)
- Sounds of nature
- Make popcorn in a pot with a lid
- Intoxicating mussels
- Listen to raindrops
- Make music yourself
- Singing
- Drums
- Birdsong
- Wave noise


Smell - something mindful and consciously:

- Ammonia
- Essential oils (in scented lamp or on scented stone)
- Flowers
- Cream
- Scented candles
- Eating/ Cooking
- Smell eucalyptus refreshing wipes
- Freshly cut fruit/ vegetables
- Fresh bed linen
- Freshly mowed meadow, grass, hay, straw
- Freshly sawn piece of wood or tree resin
- Fresh clothes
- Fruits
- Face cream, Body cream, Skincare
- Spices, herbs
- Smell Japanese medicinal oil
- Coffee
- Garlic
- Favourite person
- Favourite perfume
- The sea
- Nature
- Cleaning products
- Smell Sambal Olek
- Sauna infusion
- Soap
- Tea
- Tiger balm
- Wood
- WC spray
- What does it smell like outside? Early in the morning? After the rain?



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