Comprehensive DBT Skills List

Reduce your stress. Find your personal DBT skills and practice

The DBT Skills List is a collection of so-called "skills", tools, or capabilities to be able to handle high stress, stressful situations and/ or an emotional crisis. This collection of skills has been compiled by those affected and supporters. In doing so, we have summarised the knowledge we have gained from various DBT therapy phases, personal experiences, guidebooks, and various internet resources from over +30 websites (see Resources).

The listed ideas have been tested by people with borderline personality disorder and people living with depression.

The information and skills presented are intended to help you and support you in stressful situations in your daily life. Of course, not every skill will do everyone the same good. The DBT Skills LIST is more a collection of ideas and suggestions. Especially when you have no more ideas or don't know what could help to handle your emotions in a crisis. You can look here.

Content of DBT Skills List

1. Emergency Skills Toolbox2. Distress Tolerance Skills3. Body & Mind Skills4. Calm down with the help of your 5 senses ("Sensory Play")5. Changing the moment6. Mindfulness7. Resources

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Important Disclaimer:
This is an information website and is maintained and supported by affected persons, volunteers and helpers. Under no circumstances does the information replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. We do not offer medical, legal or psychological advice. Our compilations and information are based on our own experience, personal assessments and Internet research. The information & skills presented are intended to help you and support you in your everyday high-stress situations or dangerous situations. And, to encourage you - you are not alone!
The contents of cannot and may not be used to make diagnoses or start treatments on your own.

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