DBT Skills Collection

Body perceptions

You can reduce high stress (+70% stress level) by exposing yourself to strong, non-harming stimuli.

Below you will find body awareness skills:

- Eat sour or spicy candies
- Chewing "airwaves" or other gum
- Eat "crunchy chocolate" very slowly
- Run as fast as possible for 5 minutes
- Smelling ammonia  inhalant/ sticks
- Cuddle up on warm heating or feel a warm hot water bottle 
- Walk on gravel,, small stones, pebbles, clay balls or cat litter
- Balancing on little marbles
- Feel bath massage gloves on your skin
- Take a bath while listening to music
- Walk barefoot (outside)
- Eat chili
- Feel an ice-pack (wrapped in a towel) on your skin
- Dip the head into a pool of cold water or run cold water over the face
- Massage the chewing muscles
- Feel the different tensions of rubber bands and hair bands on your skin/ wrist
- Roll a hedgehog ball over your arms
- Feel crushed ice or snow in your hands
- Melt ice cubes in your hand or in your mouth
- Carry something heavy
- Smell eucalyptus refreshing tissues (from the pharmacy)
- Drink fresh lemon juice
- Bathing your feet
- Getting a foot massage
- Use a hand trainer for guitarists or or tennis player
- Walk in the rain and feel the raindrops on your skin/ face
- Going outdoors or walk through a forest
- Going to the sauna
- Swimming in a cold lake (cold pond or swimming pool)
- Smell Japanese healing oil or tiger balm
- Take a cold/warm shower
- Feel candle wax on the skin
- Eat garlic
- Do sports (try trainonly one muscle group as long a you can)
- Listen to loud music
- Get a massage or massage yourself; use massage equipment
- Rolling your bare feet over a wooden stick
- Standing with bare feet in a stream
- Take a midday nap
- Smelling essential oils
- Eat spicy food
- Put sandbags on your stomach
- Press pain points firmly: Muscle attachment at collarbone, area between thumb and index finger
- Lean against a wall with your back against the wall and put your knees at a 90° angle; grab a tennis ball behind your back and roll it up and down
- Hug yourself
- Get someone to hug you, hold you, squeeze you
- Put a vitamin effervescent tablet in your mouth and let it melt slowly
- Feel a toothbrush on your skin
- Play with sensory toys (chewing necklace, figets, balls, etc.)


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